Action for Happiness, January 2022

It’s the start of another new month, a new week, a new year – and so many of us are hoping that this one brings more happiness, more smiles, more relief and far less of the overwhelming worry and burn out that so many of us have been experiencing in recent months.

I hope that Christmas and the New Year holiday have given you all some real peace and relief, and that the stress that can come with those ‘festive’ days has been managable.

As always, we start the month with the Action for Happiness Calendar – and this month’s theme is a happier January; there are prompts each day to take a little time to make a smile – your own or someone else’s – and feed into the happier experiences so that they grow and thrive.


Remember that if you are struggling, there is no shame, no stigma, in asking for help. I am here to support you and can signpost you to the right services, or offer my own counselling support for some personal, one-to-one help. You can contact me here. – and there are a number of channels to help on this page.